Pure Power Cleaning ProductsLindhaus USA's full line of Pure Power Homecare Products gives you the most advanced technology in the commercial world, right in your hands, for you to use in your home. It is exactly what the Commercial Cleaners use to get it done right the first time every time.

Activator Pre-spray


  • May be used alone as a spotter
  • Increased performance when used with Pure Power Dry
  • May be used on fabric or upholstery
  • Ready-to-use

Pure Power Activator is designed to be used in conjunction with the Pure Power DCS (Dry Cleaning system) in problem areas that resist cleaning. This product acts quickly to emulsify areas of heavy grime, dirt, grease, and oil that may be ground into carpets or rugs, especially in traffic lanes. This prespray may also be used as a spot remover when larger area cleaning is not needed.

Dry Carpet Cleaner


  • Eliminates over wetting
  • Reduces time cleaning carpets
  • Product allows quick use of carpeted area
  • Use for large areas or spot cleaning
  • Emulsifies oil and grease quickly
  • Does not promote resoiling

Pure Power Dry Carpet Cleaner is a dry extraction carpet cleaning compound designed specifically for carpets. Dry extraction cleaning is an easy and safe system that effectively cleans soiled areas, spots, and spills.

Dry Foam


  • Economical dilution
  • Contains no strong alkalis
  • Prevents redeposition of soils
  • 5th generation carpet safe

Pure Power Foam is designed for rotary, bonnet, or dry foam extractor type applications. A pleasant scented organic carpet shampoo which is designed to be equally effective in hot or warm water. This concentrated product can be safely used on carpets, rugs, furniture, upholstery, automotive carpet and most fabrics.

Dye Out

A Molecular Miracle Pure Power Dye Out is a scientific achievement that is being heralded by homeowners and cleaning professionals world wide. It works unlike any dye remover before it. It actually breaks off specific atoms such as oxygen to render red dye molecules invisible.



  • Controlled suds
  • Prevents redeposition of soil
  • Rinses freely
  • May be used on 5th generation carpeting

Pure Power Extractor is designed to act quickly to break down stubborn dirt, grease and oil. It also provides a thorough cleaning combination while leaving a pleasant scent. This liquid, organic, carpet detergent is designed to be equally effective in hot or cold water. This biodegradable liquid contains fast acting cleaning agents, and organic solvents which are effective on natural and synthetic fibers. It is highly concentrated for effective cleaning in hotels, motels, schools, hospitals and homes.

Pet Stain Off + More

Pet Stain Off Plus actually removes stains and odors, and is not just a temporary mask. Use to eliminate organic odors and stains. Can be used on all surfaces including upholstery, carpet, hardwood, tile, grout and vinyl flooring.

When applied to pet accidents, billions of beneficial bacteria start producing enzymes which convert the Uric Acid or Urea into ammonia and carbon dioxide, two gasses that evaporate quickly.

Ultimate & Velocity Stain Removers


  • Ready to use - no diluting
  • Removes many types of soils and stains
  • Use on carpet, upholstery, fabrics and hard surfaces
  • Leaves a pleasant fragrance

Pure Power Ultimate Stain Remover product is an industrial grade, ready to use cleaner and stain remover that is powerful, yet safe for home use. Lifts stains from carpets, upholstery and most hard surfaces. Simply rub in, blot, and stains are removed, leaving a fresh smell.



  • 5th generation carpet safe
  • Will withstand several extraction cleanings
  • Resists water, oil and grease
  • Provides excellent coverage

Pure Power Blocker is a highly durable carpet protector that provides a high level of resistance from water and oily and dry soils. It exhibits an excellent resistance to detergents and can maintain its properties through several extraction cleanings. Our product contains an anti-soiling, anti-staining, protective barrier for use on fabrics, upholstery, and carpet.